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The MISSION of FEDUJAZZ is to produce social change through music education.

The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival Educational Foundation, better known as FEDUJAZZ, is a non-profit organization that offers tuition-free, high-quality music education and community service to the youth of the Cabarete and Puerto Plata region, with the ideology of using music as a catalyst for social development.

“The goal of FEDUJAZZ is to create more equality in our society through alternative activities oriented towards art, and an educational forum committed to the betterment of society. We aspire to education with a social conscience.” Maria Elena Gratereaux, Executive Director of the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival, and President of FEDUJAZZ.


A Dominican student entering the public education system has less than a 10% chance of graduating from high school (United Nations [UN], 2005). Research has shown that children and adolescents are stimulated to improve their education and learning aptitude through music. Studies have proven that children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, stay in school, and pursue further education.


The FEDUJAZZ Music program is exposing impoverished youth of the Dominican Republic, ages 7 – 18, with structured music programs that enhance their overall education and life opportunities. Currently there are one hundred students attending free music classes at the foundation’s center in Cabarete. Children also attend educational music workshops with the renowned musicians performing at the jazz festival each year and have the opportunity to perform at the festivals main stage to showcase their growth and talent.

FEDUJAZZ is a proud partner of the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival, which is now in its 22nd year. This collaboration has established a high-quality music education program and alliance that provides workshops with Latin Grammy and Grammy Award winner musicians and classes year-round with local teachers.


By involving the whole family – parents are invited to participate in technical/professional programs, while students benefit from music lessons and workshops. The results are rewarding with tangible benefits for our local community members and society at large.


We transform the lives of low-income children in the Dominican Republic through music education. Our programs help kids develop important life skills and a positive self-image, supporting their ability to achieve positive goals in life.

There has been abundant research that supports the importance of music education for children, with evidence proving that musical ability correlates to reading and math aptitude, and overall academic performance. Music education increases language development, brain activity, memory, math skills and an understanding of art and the world.


Our primary goal is to provide students with a natural and engaging way of understanding the fundamentals of music. By incorporating engaging activities and games in our curriculum, we not only provide the students with a better understanding of specific musical concepts, but provide a platform for building their social skills. Our hands-on learning approach helps students work on leadership, teamwork, listening, public speaking, and peer communication.